Our strength is fellowship. Our success is participation.

We are a very busy group with a large variety of activities.

Hiking  Group: ( AWTY – are we there yet?):

HIG – AWTY currently comprises some two dozen or so hardy souls, who brave some days of slightly inclement weather, though more than not rejoice in clear skies, warmth, and wonderful vistas.

Following the hike, the group usually meets for post hike refreshments at a local pub. These hikes are scheduled for the 1st Thursday of the Month. Contact: Ian Kennedy

Current Events Discussion Group: The Discussion Group meets at 2:00 p.m. on the last Tuesday of the month.  Each meeting is normally led by a different group member who is also responsible for suggesting background reading for the topic at hand prior to the meeting.  Backgrounders are generally short articles or excerpts from newspapers, magazines or the internet.  On other occasions two or more members may get together to present or debate a topic. Members have a wide range of interests and the discussion topics reflect this.  The topics may range from Education, Canadian and American foreign policy, globalization, healthcare, voting systems, advertising, multicultural policy, the impact of the internet, and income disparities among many others.  No particular expertise is required to participate, just a curious and open mind. Contact:  Bert Pieké

Book Clubs:  We now have 4 book clubs .

Their purpose is to enjoy books together and, perhaps, find some books along the way that might not otherwise be read. The most complicated part, the book selection process, is in some ways the least important.

The groups are known as:

‘The Better Bookies’  Contact: Margo Johnston

‘The Happy Bookers’  Contact:  June Clarke

Hooked on Books‘  Contact:  Anne Clarke

Warmland Readers‘  Contact: Charles Ayers

Afternoon Bridge Meets 2nd Thursday of the month at different players homes. They need players. Contact: “currently dormant”

Crafts Contact: “currently dormant”

Lunching Out Last Thursday of the month. Different locations. Contact:  Lillah Sadler

Dining In Different times, different homes with different guests. Sign up and become a guest or a host at a dinner party for the winter months. Great way to meet and get to know your fellow PROBUS members. For more information contact:  Katie Daan

Investment Group  This group will discuss stock market investment ideas, trends and opportunities. It will be of interest to those who wholly or partially manage their own investments. It will not buy or sell stocks with either real or imaginary money and it will not involve disclosure of any participants current investments. Meetings monthly for approximately one to two hours at a time and place to be arranged. Contact: Ross Haggart  

6 S’s Winetasters (swirl/sniff/sip/slurp/swish/spit). We meet monthly in group members homes, about 8 times/year, taking the summers off. [We still drink wine during the summer – just not together!!!]  Currently we are at capacity due to size restrictions, but should anyone wish to start a second group, we’d be happy to help get organized. Contact: John Howatt