Management Committee

Our strength is fellowship. Our success is participation.

President… Win Teague

Vice-President… David Carriere

Past President… Gerry Walker

Secretary… Jane Fox

Treasurer… Jan GrootWassink

Committee Chairs

Communications… Peggy McLennan

Membership:… Marg Brown

Newsletter:… Alex Scheiber

Speakers… Leigh Hirst

Special Events… Management Team

Webmaster… Bert Piek√©

Past Presidents:
Presidents of the Probus Club of Duncan

2000-2001 Scott McIvor

2001-2002 Don Fox

2002-2003 Ross Bulley

2003-2004 Glen Hammond

2004-2005 Gord Thomas

2005-2006 Gord Thomas

2006-2007 Mary Braybrooks

2007-2008 Bill Dellebuur

2008-2009 Louise Neveu

2009-2010 Jan Norwood

2010-2011 Bob Brownsword

2011-2012 Alan Case

2012-2013 Bud Fulton

2013-2014 Chris Carruthers

2014-2015 Ian Kennedy

2015-2016 Ceri Newman

2016-2017 Barb Kohlman

2017-2018 Elaine Thibault

2018-2019 Larry Smokorowski

2019-2020 Ed White

2020-2021 Sally Whitmore

2021-2022 Sharon Arnold / Gerry Walker

2022-2023 Gerry Walker